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Our Services



At South Africa Makes, we assist with the prototyping and manufacturing of proven devices, to enable healthcare practitioners to not only develop better holistic solutions for any challenge that patients face, but allow them to get to those solutions faster than ever before.


From the creation of medical devices and equipment to custom-made prosthetics, South Africa Makes can assist your organisation to use 3D printing and improve the daily work of all your healthcare professionals.



Advances in dental modelling and 3D printing technology mean lower cost and expedited procedures without sacrificing consistent quality.


At South Africa Makes we provide our local dental practitioners with the competitive edge needed to keep up with global trends in the industry ensure that their patients are satisfied.


By producing dental prostheses custom-made from hygienic bio-compatible materials we are making huge strides in making the dental landscape more accessible in Africa.


Clinical Education

In many parts of the world 3D printing is increasingly being utilised to improve the education of both medical students and patients. Today, 3D printed anatomical models created from patient computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), or 3D ultrasound imaging datasets are used to enhance understanding, as well as to plan and navigate complex procedures.


South Africa Makes assists healthcare institutions to not only educate their students but provide personalised patient care with quality 3D printed patient-specific anatomical models. This increases patient understanding of diagnoses and treatment options compared to imaging alone.


Research & Development

At South Africa Makes we realise that the true potential of 3D printing surpasses the production of mere plastic and metal products.


For this reason, we actively collaborate and consult for international industry experts in the development of disruptive applications of this technology. At South Africa Makes we work to enhance experimentation capabilities of research laboratories in Africa by using 3D printing to maximise their time and funds.


As the practical applications of 3D printing continue to be adopted in research laboratories across the continent, the need to manufacture customised solutions with advanced specifications on-demand will be required more than ever.

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